80+ high quality components to
kick-start your design system

Designed with love, precision and great attention to detail.


You will not find clutter or useless features in this kit. It’s been made with great attention to detail, focused on ease-of-use over flashy mockup examples. All assets, including components, are properly named, well-structured and instantly available through search in the assets panel.

Developer friendly

All the components in this UI Kit are based on the Semantic UI framework, so developers can simply head over to the Github repository for the Semantic framework to get started with implementing designs with HTML and CSS or even React.

I partnered with Adobe to make the entire Semantic UI Kit a free resource for
the design community! Feel free to use it in your own personal or commercial
projects. Use it as it is, or customise to your own needs. You’re welcome!

– Ole Fredrik

#MadeWithAdobeXD #AdobePartner